Dance and movement

General description:

The EB curriculum includes Dance and Movement as part of the physical and artistic development of our students.  The French program focuses on movement and dance for the young children in preschool and kindergarten.  Creative movement is explored, and collective or regional dances are also taught at the upper grade levels, either as part of the physical education curriculum, or as part of a show for parents or grandparents.

Students develop skills in the area of artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural contest, aesthetic valuing, and applications. Beginning in the preschool, students begin to learn how to:

  • Perform basic locomotor skills (e.g., walk, run, gallop, jump, hop, and balance).
  • Respond spontaneously to different types of music, rhythms, and sounds.
  • Perform simple movements in response to oral instructions (e.g., walk, turn, reach).
  • Respond spontaneously to different types of music and rhythms.
  • Participate in dance games, sing songs, recite poems, and tell stories from countries around the world.

Demonstrate curricular concepts through dance (e.g., growth cycle, animal movement).